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The diagnosis of a brain tumour comes with a host of problems - fear of the future, readjustments in life, loss of job, change of lifestyle, anxiety about treatment or commitments, practical coping problems, depression, a sense of isolation or weariness caused by the disease and the side effects of the treatment. There may also be concerns regarding treatment, fears of relapse, coping with pain and a host of questions which you will have. To help you cope better, discuss these concerns with trained counsellors at the BTF. They will guide you through options, and search out ways to ease your problems - whether physical, psychological or social - and help in equipping you to face the uncertainties of life.

Children with brain tumour have a different set of coping problems and need sensitive and careful handling. It is essential that all those concerned and affected seek comfort during this physically demanding and confusing period. The BTF counsellor can be very useful at this time.

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