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Rehabilitation Services

How do I live and work after a brain tumour has been detected?

From the time the tumour is detected to completion of all treatment and return to normal life, many changes are required of a patient. The illness can sometimes cause loss of employment, inability to perform routine tasks, difficulty or loss of movement and speech and the emotional or social problems caused by these. You can turn to BTF for support in overcoming the physical or emotional problems you face during or after the illness. Rehabilitation services such as those described below can help you long after your medical treatment is over to live a better life.

Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy:

BTF has specialised and trained physiotherapists and occupational therapists. They aim at not just life, but "Quality of Life" for patients and their families. They provide holistic care for the patient, taking into account the physical, mental, spiritual and psychological aspects of a patient's recovery.

Therapeutic exercises providing help in re-gaining function independence are introduced. Aids and adaptive devices are suggested. Environmental modifications are incorporated to facilitate recovery. For patients who have to live with a permanent disability, vocational evaluation and guidance are provided. Liaison with other organisations helps to cover a wider arena of problems for patients. Therapists help in effective re-integration of patients within society.

Vocational Rehabilitation:

The primary aim of this programme is to identify suitable employment opportunities for the patient, taking into consideration the patient's background and functional capabilities. Whenever needed, BTF personnel communicate with the patient's employers to help the patient adjust to changed circumstances. Often, there is a need to change occupation and seek new vocations. The BTF team provides appropriate guidance and assistance to the patient and his family in achieving this goal.

Educational Rehabilitation:

BTF strives to ensure that the interruption in formal education due to the illness, its treatment or various disabilities, is minimal and its impact on adult life is reduced. BTF helps in educating school authorities about the student's illness and the reason for his/her irregular attendance. Besides, BTF offers:

  • remedial teaching for school-going children.
  • assistance in acquiring concessions at school and exams to children with physical and mental disabilities.
  • coordination with special schools such as those for the blind and for children with learning disabilities

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