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Terminal and Palliative Care Services

What if I'm too ill to reach the hospital?

At times, the illness can compel you to remain at home. If you are unable to reach the hospital, you can ask your family member to inform BTF, who will try to arrange home visits of professionals and volunteers from BTF and the Palliative Care Team of Tata Hospital to help you.

If a patient needs terminal care outside the home:

Should the family find that adequate care cannot be arranged for a terminally ill patient at home, a hospice that is equipped with medical facilites can be arranged by BTF. A list of hospices is with the BTF staff and they can help you arrange one. Here are a couple of such hospices in Mumbai.

Shanti Avendna Ashram
216, Mount Mary Road
Bandra (W)
Mumbai - 400 050
Phone : 642 1889 ; 642 7464

Amrita Kripa Sagar
Contact : A P S Krishnan
Mumbai 400088
Phone : 5516050

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