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Decision Making Process

All new cases are evaluated by Dr Rajiv Sarin/ Dr Tejpal Gupta or Dr Rakesh Jalali and a treatment plan is formalised. Patients requiring multidisciplinary postoperative management, those with a diagnostic or therapeutic problem, interesting cases and patients eligible for trial are discussed in the weekly Joint NeuroOncology meeting (JNOM). Joint Neuro-Oncology meet (JNOM) is held every Thursday at 2 pm at ‘Dr. Sirsat's Room’, Dept of Pathology, 8th floor, Annexe Bldg.

Joint NeuroOncology Meetings (JNOM)

Clinical profiles, imaging information and pathology slides are discussed in detail and interesting cases are archived. If you want your case to be discussed in the JNOM, please send all the clinical details, scans and preferably slides and blocks and specify the issues you want discussed. Hospital charges may have to be paid only in cases where immunohistochemistry is required.

The JNOM Participants

Clinical Oncology: Dr. Rakesh Jalali,,Dr.Tejpal Gupta

Neurosurgery: Dr. Ali Moiyadi,Dr. A Goel/ KEM hospital

Paediatric Medical Oncology: Dr. Tushar Vora, Dr. Brijesh Arora, Dr. Purna Kurkure

Adult Medical Oncology: Dr. Hari Menon

Neuro Radiology: Dr. NM Merchant, Dr. S Juvekar, Dr. Sona Pungavkar (NANAVATIl)

NeuroPathology: Dr. E. Sridhar, Dr. SV Kane, Dr. Muneeta Bal

NeuroOncology Fellow: Dr. Praveen Sharma,Dr. Vimoj Nair

Occupational Therapist : Dr. Manasi Takle

Data Manager: Miss. Nayana D. Golambade

Clinical Trial Co-ordinator : Mr. Papalal Mulla

Resident Doctors of the NeuroOncology Unit

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